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Laura Carroll

Page history last edited by Laura Carroll 7 years, 6 months ago






Senior EMAC Major

Station Manager for Radio UTD

Fairy princess at Tactics Digital (aka Content Manager)

Hopes and dreams: Often include cookies, pizza, baskets of puppies, bike riding, crocheting, moving to Austin in May

Goals for 2013: Do an inversion every day, master codeacademy, learn how to lucid dream so Joseph Gordon Levitt, John Maus and I can finally be the best friends I know we can be



Tool Reviews


Overdub Review


Re-review: PocketWavePad




First Versions


  • Text



Love Letters From 1962:


I’m the type of guy who will never settle down-- I roam around. Just a fella in blue jeans with a rabbit’s foot on a string.

I found a lucky penny, and I’m as happy as a clown. Don’t want a silver dollar, or a four leaf clover-- just a girl that would call my bluff, hang on my arm and not wonder if I’m a fool.

It’s useless to live in lonesome times, so I’ll just dream of yesterday. Remember when I saw you walking down the street all alone, blue eyes and a ponytail. I knew then, I loved you Sheila dear.

Before you turned and walked away, I knew you’d always love me.

“Shame on you,” your mama said. “He’s a rebel-- just watch the way he walks down the street. Putting trouble on your mind. Darling, you outta see him go.”

“Breaking up is hard to do.” you whispered in my ear.

Time has stood still since we’ve been apart. I can’t stop wanting you. I go round and round, through life without a care-- with Flo on my left and Mary on my right. But when I find myself falling for some girl, I dream of you instead.

All alone, I plead, “Please return, my love.” Your love is worth all the gold on earth.

Why must I go on like this? Watch you taking all my dreams, taking all of me.  Shall I just be a lonely stranger?

You were my first love, and you’ll be my last love.

My heart sounds just for you, my dear.

Forever, all the time,

A lonely stranger

  • Good Luck Charm by Elvis

  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens

  • Soldier Boy by The Shirelles

  • I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles

  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka

  • He’s a Rebel by The Crystals

  • Big Girls Don’t Cry by The Four Seasons

  • Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel

  • Stranger On The Shore by Mr. Acher Bilk

  • I Love You by The Volumes

  • Sherry by The Four Seasons

  • Sheila by Tommy Roe

  • Twistin’ The Night Away by Sam Cooke

  • The Wanderer by Dion

    A Conversation in 2012

    “She aint gonna be able to love you like I will. She is a stranger.”

    “You’re dead wrong.”

    “You don’t know her.”

    “Don’t test me.”

    “I can’t deny that I want you.”

    “Lie if you have to.”

    “Now and then I think of when we were together.”

    “There you go again.”

    “I saw the life inside your eyes. I miss you.”

    “You were always picking fights. You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war. We’ve reached a climax, and it’s better if we love each other separately. “

    “I swear I’m going to change. Trust me.”

    “I got a new thing started. I have moved on.”

    “We can creep out when she aint around. “

    “Is that really what you want? You’re bringing me down.”

    “You get stuck on my body like a tattoo. I don’t want to be waking up in the morning, hating myself for crawling back to you. But just give me one more night.”

    “You know, you hate being alone, but you’re not the only one. But the difference is-- I felt so lonely in your company.”

    “That truth hurts. "

    "People say crazy things. Breaking each other’s hearts, and we don’t care. Picking fights, screaming. I’ve had enough."

    "You treat me like a stranger. You said we could still be friends."

    "When all the baggage just aint as heavy."

  • We Found Love In A Hopeless Place by Rihanna

  • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

  • One More Night by Maroon 5

  • Diamonds by Rihanna

  • Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

  • Take Care by Drake feat. Rihanna

  • International Love by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown

  • Rumour Has It by Adele

  • Climax by Usher

  • Heart Attack by Trey Songz

  • Adorn by Miguel








    Final Versions

    All final version available here. Older image files are also available on this site, but I noted when final posts stop and first drafts begin.


    Text: I came up with a more formulaic way to choose lyrics for each object. This time I chose the number one hit single for R&B that year and picked lines from the chorus. This narrowed my ability for freedom, and ultimately yielded to media objects that are more representative of that time period, rather than my own personal narrative choices.


    Image: Instead of just posting these images I found from yearbooks at half price books, I chose to create .gifs that quickly cycled through them. The reasoning for this is more fully explained in the paper.


    Sound: I combined the sound from my video with the narrative from the original sound piece. I wanted there to be more of a contextual element, so I made it a message on an answering machine. It's purposefully difficult to decipher-- again mirroring this theme of nostalgia and memory (both of which can be inconsistent).


    Moving-image: No changes. I was ultimately happy with the tone of the piece. 




    Free Write:

    Commonalities across readings-- The medium of content can obviously affect the way in which a reader interprets the meaning-- this phenomena can also apply to concepts of authorship, symbolism and interactivity. 


    Digital Textuality: 

    Digital Textuality is the study surrounding the implications of changes in technological modes of expression-- and how these affect authorship, readers, interactivity, symbolism and meaning. It focuses on how different modes of expression affect the message--particularly when shifting from analog methods to new media, digital or interactive representation. 


    ++ based on sound:

    Sound can add a spacial element that is more implicit than writing or even photo allows, the differences between organic sound, representation and reproduction are important to understanding the goal of that media object, and can potentially affect the message. The contrast between diegetic and non-diegetic sound can create instances where juxtaposition and dissonance can lead to increased meaning, etc.

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