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Meredith's F12 Page

Page history last edited by Meredith Haddix 7 years, 7 months ago

Twitter: @mhaddix







Discussion Questions

Narrative Across Media

Narrative Strategies

- I see a problem with this strategy. Is this strategy beneficial to the author, because if you look at one piece of the entire collection, you could get an entirely different interpretation from the one piece than what the author intended. In turn when the piece is put back into the collection, you then get another different interpretation of it. 

     - example: when you see a movie preview, you get the best parts of the movie and assume it is one type of movie, however when you actually go see the movie it is not what you expected. This can result in                                     disappointment or maybe even satisfaction. 


- What is the difference between a comic book and graphic novel?

     - http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/127589/comic-strip/278930/The-first-half-of-the-20th-century-the-evolution-of-the-form


- What makes a painting or another piece of art have narrativity? (pg. 151)  Aren't there some works that cannot have narrativity? (pg. 150 post-renaissance works are more "pregnant moments") (pg. 154 a painting needs cohesion and realism) (pg. 155 In books, a repeated character creates narrativity, however in paintings it can be seen as a design. At what point can we determine if a painting has a repeated design or a pictorial narrative?)


- I think you need prior knowledge or experience in order to understand most if not all pictorial or visual narratives to find the correct interpretation.


- What role does pictorial narrative play now? Is it dying due to everything becoming digital or animated?


- Does a piece of work with pictorial narrative have to be prestigious, as in Van Gogh, or can I create a piece of work to be considered a pictorial narrative?







Rhythm Science



-"Where Du Bois saw duality and Mingus imagined a trinity, I would say that the twenty-first-century self is so fully immersed in and defined by the data that surrounds it, we are entering an era of multiplex consciousness." pg. 61


-"Any sound can be you." pg. 64


- "There's so much information about who you should be or what you should be that you're not left with the option of trying to create a mix of your very self." pg. 64


- Miller compares a lot of his ideas to telling stories. pg. 80, pg. 84


-"All it takes is a DJ and two turntables to create a universe" pg. 127 But what does it take to create a DJ?



-Is YouTube similar to Wikipedia? How are they different?


- Cyberbullying has become more apparent because of YouTube. (pg. 19) However, the problem was recognized and a BeatBullying Channel was started. 

     - Is there morality on YouTube? It seems, YouTube is more concerned with copyright.

     - Ideally, each individual needs to think about their own actions. pg. 21


-YouTube focuses on the amateur which can lead to fame. ex. Justin Beiber


- Is YouTube truly a social network?

     -YouTube is missing the motivation that comes with social networks, except for self-promotion. pg.29

     -YouTube is more of an alternative broadcaster, because it filters out all the qualifications it needs to be a social network. pg. 63

      -YouTube helps individualism over collaboration. pg. 65

     -"YouTube Drama" pg. 97


-Participation Gap pg. 81


-Cosmopolitan cultural citizenship????? pg. 79


- YouTube is starting to lean towards a social network pg. 104







Text - 

     before - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zi624VshtdMpfjKcHzB8_RZ8KPjAXbTJ4Pdnp2aeTho/edit

     after - http://storify.com/mhaddix/bullying


I changed the narrative from third person to first person. I also added more to the story, and tried to add some emotion to it. I also added more pictures and videos.


Image - 




I do not have a before or after, because my original was mostly complete. However, I did put it in a slideshow and added a warning about graphic content.


Sound -

          before -http://soundcloud.com/meredith-haddix/a-friend-who-is-always-there

          after -  http://soundcloud.com/meredith-haddix/everybody-needs-a-friend


I made drastic changes to my sound object. My original one was very disorganized and did not have the feel of a remix with the repeats etc. I only used to songs to make my remix and alternated them several times, I also placed instrumental music in the background to make it cohesive. 


Moving Image -

          before - http://youtu.be/CG1xh80_3TE

          after - http://youtu.be/piil5B3Sez8


The before moving image was too short, contained awful audio quality, and was emotionless. My second attempt, now fits time constraints, and has better audio. I also changed the video to be more of a conversation with emotion, rather than the original fact style. 







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