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WeVideo Tool Review (Alison Kwong)

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This is a review of the free version of WeVideo.




Basic Overview


WeVideo is a cloud-based/web-based video editing platform that lets you collaborate on projects with other users.  It offers plans for personal use and business use.  With the free version, you can collaborate on a project with 5 other people.


Recorded videos or images can be uploaded, and you can record videos in the program with a webcam.



The program's features include adding animation, transitions, music, color-correction, filters, and other effects.




When you export a video, it is in 360p and comes with a watermark.  A prompt pops up, giving you the option of paying $2.99 for 480p and no watermark.



Videos can be exported WeVideo or directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.  However, in the free version, videos cannot be exported to your computer.



Additional Resources Required


Requires Adobe Flash or higher.


Cost and Where to Access


WeVideo has scaled price plans, from free to $79.99/month.  Each upgrade offers more storage space, resolution, export minutes, and other features than the preceeding plan.


  • WeVideo FREE: free
  • WeVideo PLUS: $6.99/month
  • WeVideo ULTRA: $39.99/month
  • WeVideo COMMERCIAL: $79.99/month


Payments can be made monthly or yearly.  Promo codes can be found online for discounts.



It can be accessed on computers with an Internet connection.


What It Does Well


WeVideo gives you the option of a guided tutorial.


You can use the VideoWizard to simplify editing.  VideoWizard is a photostory editor where you can arrange your videos and images and add transitions and zooms.


You can distinguish tracks with color-coding.  Since the color selector works on hexadecimal codes, this allows for many different tracks.



The program uses simple, easy to understand design with minimal clutter.  Eack track has a volume slide bar and three buttons: "M" for mute, "S" for solo, and a lock symbol for locking a track.



It accepts all file formats from common camera devices, such as phones, DSLR cameras, video cameras, and digital point-and-shoot cameras.


The size of the preview window can be changed while the video is playing.


It's easy to invite people to join a project.  Just copy a link and send it to someone.



What It Does Poorly


WeVideo actually froze on me the first time I tried to use it, and it have given me several error messages that require reloading your browser (all tabs are restored).  I advise not importing more than 1 video file at once (I tried uploading 5), but it may just be my laptop.  It is really buggy.



In the free version, videos cannot be exported to your computer.


There is an occasional loading screen between pages, but they are short.


The free version only allows for 360p exports and only 15 mins of exports a month, so space fills up quickly.


When you try to scroll sideways to reach different points of the video, the scale zooms out instead.


There is a limited amount of customizability with the available effects.  I'm not sure if you can change font size or font type of added text, and I don't think you can change the intensity or size of effects.


Additional Outside Resources


WeVideo also has a community forum for FAQs, troubleshooting, and reporting bugs.


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