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MIXXX - free DJ software

Page history last edited by Ethan Harmon 7 years, 4 months ago

MIXXX - FREE open source DJ Software by: (Robert David reedy) (Re-edit: Ethan Harmon)

Here is a link to the site- contains FREE download, forums, wiki, blog, and instruction manual.



MIXXX is a free opensource DJ software.  It is a nice beginner-level program, and one that a new user can easily figure out.  It is fairly simple to use and the software has a lot of resources and tutorials on video and in text.  Midi mapping for the software is a vailable as well as downloadable midi mappings in the forums section of the MIXX website.  It works well offering a two deck setup with all the DJ standards including volume controls, track drag and drop from your music library, some effects, looping, sync, hot cues, 4 sample decks, etc. The layout of the program is very nice. New and advanced users will be able to easily find the particular mixing option they wish to incorporate into the track(s).


The draw back to this software is that it is not very intuitive.  It feels clunky and limited when compared to other for purchase DJ software out on the market such as Traktor and Scratch. It also seems to lack the more advanced options that advanced users may want. 


Here is a link to a MIXX tutorial thread: ( http://www.threadbox.net/2005/08/11/mixxx-tutorial/ ) it should offer a starting point from which to drill down into the software.






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