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Reverbnation is a site for the independent music industry professionals. It's where artists, fans, or people trying to promote their artists can come to and try to expand their market using online sources. It aims to provide a site for musicians, producers, and venues to collaborate and communicate. Simply put, it's a social networking site for anybody interested in music.


There provide different services for artists, fans, venues, lables & managers, and festival promoters.

Most and basic services are provided for free but then can be later upgraded by paying a certain amount of money that the service demands.

It's great for fans to visit because you get a chance to hear musicians around the world for free as well as check out some local artists who might have arranged a show near your city.


What it does well

Since it is mainly a website for people to promote their music, it does well in the fact that artists can better connect with their fans via their profile pages and receiving feedback. Artists can track how many people are listening to their song or album which gives them a better sense of how well their works are doing with the public.


The site also provides ways for artists to get their name out there. They can take advantage of the features such as the ones below to actually make some profit by using the website as their promoting tool.



What it doesn't do well

A few complaints that I've found by the artists themselves trying to promote their work is the fact that they pay money for the pro services, but they didn't get anything out of it. Meaning that their stats of fans listening or promoting their work wasn't what they expected it to be. Other than that, the site is pretty solid when it comes to the services they provide.


From the fans perspective, one complaint they had was the inability for them to use their PayPal account when purchasing from the site. Because the fans are asking for it, the artists want to provide it, but the site has yet to make that change.


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