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Face Your Manga

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Face Your Manga is an online application that allows you to create avatars using a a variety of customization tools. 


Pros: The trademarked Faceyourmanga Graphic EngineĀ® produces stunning artwork reminiscent of a caricature. Like any good avatar, you can customize everything from chin size to the lettering on it's t-shirt. Recently, a mobile version has been released in the iTunes store. 


The large collaborative community, where you can share your avatar and comment on others. 


Cons: The most unattractive feature of Face Your Manga is that you are required to register and activate your account before you can start building. Next, you have to pay $1.11 to download a digital copy. The site has broken links; the "about us" page doesn't exist. Once I was logged in and building, I was confused by the combination of text titles and images to designate categories such as head, hair, and accessories. 


Overall: The core of the avatar building is a fun process, and it's amusing to browse the most popular creations. But the hassle of having to sign up, and pay for a digital copy, would likely dissuade me from venturing further than the home page.



                    C-Lo by Nate

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