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Audacity Tool Review

Page history last edited by Alex Welcing 9 years, 7 months ago




Audacity is an open source audio editor and recorder. It provides very basic editing tools with an emphasis on accessibility.



To begin editing a file with Audacity, you can either open an audio file from your computer or record an input. Audacity is successful at detecting the majority of audio inputs, but has limited interaction settings to enable precision recording.

After accessing a file, simple tasks such as cutting out parts, layering two tracks, or limiting the output with envelopes is made simple. More advanced functions are available as well, particularly features provided by the community, but often times are inconsistent on their ability to produce professional results. There is limited instruction on how to use the tool's advanced features as well, often stranding new learners to the system's more complicated features.



  • Free
  • Easy to learn
  • Range of input and output formats
  • Wide range of tools
  • Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux



  • Limited applications

  • Lack of precision
  • Poor interfacing with recording devices
  • No audio creation plug ins





Audacity is excellent for simple amateur recording projects. It will allow the user to make minor error corrections and reliably record from input. It does not, however, have the capability to produce new music or make difficult audio edits. Ideal for podcasts, recorded voice greetings, and amateur musicians. Not suitable for well organized and produced music or audio.


-Alex Welcing

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