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Tool Review for YouTube Doubler (Jay Peeples)

Page history last edited by Jay Peeples 13 years, 1 month ago

 Review of YouTube Doubler/Mashup

Here is a tool that you learn to use in 10 seconds. To create on the YouTube Doubler you copy and paste two video URLs, press the double up button, then the YouTube Doubler plays both videos simultaneously. There you have just been certified as a YouTube Doubler technician.

While the operation is simple, there still remains a lot of room for creativity.  The creative lies in your choice of videos. The sample work you see is a mix of a DJ, wearing a gas mask and of the physicist Richard Feynman speaking from an armchair. The mix works. And when you use the tool you can have a great time with different combinations. I tried to mix a speech from Dragnet with the Brady Bunch singing Sunshine Day, but it didn’t quite flow.



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