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Tool Review for Goanimate (Jay Peeples)

Page history last edited by Jay Peeples 11 years, 6 months ago

Review of Goaminate

Goaminate is an online application that allows a user to create their animations and post them , all without any drawing.  The tool contains several pull down menus. The menu allow the user to choose a pre made character, choose an action or movement and emotion. You can also add a prop for the character to use.

You can have the characters speak; the easiest way is to simply type in the text and choose a computer voice for the character. Another method is to record your own voice and then download it into the frame. I tried this but could not get the application to see my voice files, so I settled for the computer generated voices.

Once you have the character then another pull down menu allows you select a backdrop, such as a living room or a city street. You can also select special effect, such as close ups, pans and fade outs.

The application works on a frame method, like making a movie. You create a frame, then move on the next. When you have your story, you press preview and see your creation.

Using the tool is easy. There is a tutorial but I think the average user could learn just as well by going to straight to the pull down menus and start making cartoons.




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