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Vimeo For iPhone (Kyle J)

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Vimeo app for iPhone is a database that takes video sharing on the go. As a free app, Vimeo allows the user to view video content, create a favorites list, and share videos via Airdrop. Previously, the app enabled users to create videos, edit them, and upload straight from the mobile app. After the most recent update however (4.0.5, 11/18/2013), the app activity has been thoroughly restricted to viewing and sharing only. From a design perspective, the app is simplistic and easy to navigate. All videos appear as a listed feed in widescreen format and the navigation lies at the top of each page.




When users first open the app, they are introduced to an animated homepage feed consisting of Vimeo "Staff Picks". Navigation is located in the top left corner and  the user can either log into their own account or start browsing videos immediately.




The login screen is simple and to the point. It has a tab for logging in through Vimeo or Facebook and it allows newcomers to create an account on the spot. The Navigation consists of a drop down menu that is easy to understand and slightly transparent, dropping down over the current page. It is accessible throughout the app. 



My Videos: List of videos uploaded on the user account.

Staff Picks: List of highlighted videos chosen by the Vimeo staff.

Watch Later: List of videos tagged by user to view online or offline.

My Likes: List of videos liked by the user.


Settings: App settings including syncing, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Support.



  • Stream videos
  • Search for specific videos 
  • Share via Message, Email, Twitter, and AirDrop
  • Create list of favorites
  • Save videos for later viewing online or offline 

What It Does Well

  • Cost Effective (free)
  • Full Vimeo streaming quality
  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to understand 


What It Does Poorly 

  • Render Takes a While on iPhone
  • Video uploading/editing is non-existent  


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