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Sam's tool review

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(re-reviewed by corinne kelley 2013)

8mm Vintage Camera is an iPhone apps, which allows you to film old-fashioned 8mm movies on your iPhone and iTouch. It costs $1.99 on app store.

It lets you mix and match films and lens, so that the users can create the atmosphere of the contemporary eras with different lens settings.


What's in the camera:

Viewfinder: This function lets you to select the effects of the live view. What the users see in the viewfinder is what they record.


Lenses: Users able to choose 5 lenses - clear, flickering frame, spotlight, light leak and color fringing


Films: 7 films ( grainy, discolored, indigo, tuscan, dusted, and aged) will bring you back to 5 different eras - 1920, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena


Jitter Button: Users are able to add random up and down displacement of frames to imitate real 8mm projectors.


Sound effect: Users are able to add projector sound for extra authenticity, mute the video in order to make a silent movie, or use the iPhone internal mic to record.


Key Features:

- turn on/off flash.

- swap lenses and films at any time.

- switching front and back cameras

- correcting exposure

- tap to focus

- geo-tagging (bug fixed) 




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