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OneTrueMedia (Amanda Dean)

Page history last edited by Amanda D 13 years ago


basic overview:

     Upload images, videos, and music and create montages.  


additional resources required to use the tool:

     None, but another basic video editor would be useful (see 'poorly' section.)


cost and where to access:


     free to create and share videos up to 30 seconds.

     Subscribe ($3.99/month) to make longer videos or pay to download individual videos (2.99)


what the tool does well:

     Connects to facebook, flickr, and photobucket to upload images/videos

     will upload directly from a URL

     Best for creating image montages with music

     basic animation - pan left,right,up,down; zoom in,out - can be applied to images for movement. 

     Images and video clips can be combined into one project.

     Uploaded pieces stay in your account.  


what it does poorly:

     Basic video editing is possible, but not efficient. Video clips cannot be cut into two files, but can be copied and trimmed individually. It would be better to have alread split and shortened video clips before uploading them.

     Limited effects for video clips.  



         It does create still image videos very well, much quicker than powerpoint or windows movie maker, especially since it will upload images from other sites (saving you from having to dig through the files on your computer.) I could see this being good for creating super short image montages, but not much more.  

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