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HotGloo Tool Review

Page history last edited by Daniel Michaelree 11 years, 9 months ago

HotGloo is a new online wire framing browser software that allows you to create websites or web pages. What stands out in this software is that it’s 100% free but has upgraded versions of course. If you go with the free route then you have the option to share your project with 1 other user and to create 10 pages. One bonus to having this technology around is that you can now fully play around with the software at your leisure without worry of having to pay. All of your files that you create with Hotgloo stay on Hotgloo. In essence it can also become a type of drop box that allows you to store up to 1 GB of information. You can leave notes for your co workers in a sticky chat box. I test this out earlier and it seemed to work alright the only draw back was that only one person could edit the project at a time.

If you have ever been so lost in a software that you’ve seen red, then have no fear because you won’t have that problem with Hotgloo. The reason you won’t get so frustrated with is because they have a large database of instructional videos to use. They also know some of the bugs in the system and tell you how to avoid them. This software has no download so don’t worry about additional browser plug ins. However, one difficulty that I did have was with logging into the actual program itself. You have to take a strange route of copying a certain login to really be able to login to their system. When you click on login, they give you an example of how to login.

With this browser software you can use photos as backgrounds, change and edit them like any other still image software that you might come across. Not only that but you can create multi layered sheets with the pictures and store some of the images themselves on the account you have created. The only problem is that their is a file limit to what you can upload of 1MB which can be quite a draw back for some of the pictures that might be out there. Overall I would say that this software is worth checking into if you want to have a area to try and see what your website might look like before having actually created it.




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