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Picnik - Image Editing Tool Within Picasa

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Google’s Picnik-Image Editing in Picasa


Google’s Picasa is a popular image sharing application. Within Picasa, Picnik offers some of the basic image editing tools you’ll find in Photoshop as well as some popular image effects and other creative tools. When getting up to speed with some of the features, I noticed that several of the effects offered are similar to those in the popular Hipstamatic application for iPhone, etc. While the basic free application offers many features to play with, the more advanced premium features require you to upgrade for a small fee.


To launch Picasa and Picnik, go to Google and from the “more” drop down select “photos”. You’ll instantly be prompted to log in with your Google ID. Once you’re in, you’ll see your albums or a blank background where your new image albums will soon be found. Click “upload” right next to the “Explore” tab and you’ll be asked to create a new album or add image to an existing album.


Once you have an album and image uploaded to the album, click on the album.






Click on an image you would like to edit, and in the edit drop down select “Edit in Picnik” (below)







This will launch the Picnik editing tool. You'll find that there are now two tab options, "Edit" or "Create"








In "Create", a scrolling list of available effects is on the left. The basic effects are free while those designated "premium"

require a small fee to access.


Note:  The “edit” tab on the left offers basic adjustments such as cropping, auto-fix, rotate, red-eye, resize, exposure, etc. You will probably want

to edit your image to size before applying any effects available under the "create" tab.






In the screen above I’ve selected the Focal Black and White that allows you to center the area of full color with a fade to BW background. At this point, once I’ve selected an effect or applied multiple effects,  I can save to one of my albums by selecting to do so at top right of screen (below-save to album) . I’ll be prompted asking if I want to replace original or save as a new copy.







I’ve chosen “New Copy” above so I return back to my albums page.







Now any of these images can be shared via email or download by clicking on the image and selecting "download" from the dropdown.





That's about it.











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