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TAToo – Word Analytics and Word Clouds




Text Analysis for me Too (TAToo), is a text analysis tool that allows users create “word clouds” of the most commonly used words in a given body of text.  


The most commonly used words are larger.  For example, the website uses Barack Obama's inauguration speech for their word cloud, and the word “nation” is the largest word on the list.


Offering an interesting insight into writing habits, TAToo allows readers to take a quick glance on the topics addressed in a particular piece of text.  In the realm of blogging, anyone surfing a new site can take a quick peek at the cloud and divine the purpose of the blog.  For example, if “recipe” was the largest word, the reader might understand the new blog is a cooking and recipe oriented. 


As a straightforward design, TAToo appeals to the minimalist mindset in the blogging world.  Word clouds can be big and take up too much space on a website; however, TAToo's major drawback (perhaps even its fatal flaw) is its usability.  TAToo was obviously created for the more technically minded in the blogging world, and its user friendliness suffers as a result.  It is embeddable into Wordpress blogging, but to do so is a process that isn't easy for a casual blogger who may be interested in word analysis out of simple curiosity, or to perhaps better understand his or her writing habits.  


For the advanced-intermediate to expert blogger, TAToo is simple, straightforward tool to use in blogging, but for a casual user, it may reach over heads.




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