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Sophie is a free web application that allows you to create multimedia web books which incorporate images, videos, text, and sound.  Primarily, when we think of books available online, we think in terms of users as consumers only. Sophie allows users to be the producers. These web books can be created by a single user, or can be open source so that multiple users can collaborate. 


Though the site has a lot of tools for understanding and troubleshooting, the amount of programs that you have to download and learn can be daunting for Sophie users.  Still, compared to sites like Cooked Gremlins, Sophie is basic enough to create a rather complex web book.  Outside of the obvious pro of having a book or collection of ideas be accessible to more than 1 user at a time, web books can also foster an increased understanding by coupling texts with images, sound, and video. 


In addition, Sophie is unique in that it markets itself for professional and personal use, because the ultimate goal of the project is to remediate the book by incorporating new and varied mediums. 


Additional Resources:

  •  Video Introduction   
  •  Future Research: It would be interesting to see research done on the effectiveness of letting students create their own multimedia web books based on traditional works. The research would see if their were any correlations between producing a web book based on a classic text, and increases in understanding and application of theories present in the classic texts.

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