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Puff v2.00 is a free CyberMachine steganography tool available for Windows that can effectively hide any type of file in a variety of different files.


For those unfamiliar with steganography, it is essentially the process of hiding a message rather than directly encrypting it with the hopes that anyone attempting to intercept communications will not know to look at a seemingly inconspicuous file. Puff v2.00 does this by masking files in larger file types such as videos and images until they can be extracted by the intended recipient.


The interface is remarkably straightforward and effective, which is good since the main download is separate from the help file for some arbitrary reason.  Users simply need to select the file they wish to hide (Data), the file they wish to hide it in (Carrier), the type of carrier under Bit Selection Options, and then add on a password for added security.


Users can easily check to see how much space can be taken by the Data within the Carrier by checking the fraction in the bottom left corner in the Carrier box. For added security or to mask a particularly large file, multiple Carriers can be used to transfer one piece of Data. The specific order of the Carriers and the requirement of all Carrier files adds to the security of the Data. All tests with single and multiple Carriers were successful.


Puff v2.00 can hide data in the file types listed below:



  • 3GPP
  • AIFF
  • BMP
  • EXE
  • FLV
  • JPG
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MPG I/II
  • Next/Sun
  • PCX
  • PNG
  • SWF
  • TGA
  • VOB
  • WAV 


In addition to steganography tools, there is also a feature for volatile watermarking, a process that embeds an invisible watermark on a file that is disrupted by any editing or copying.


There are few complaints to really level against Puff v2.00, aside from a rather garish aesthetic. It would be nice to have access to some of the back-end to see what methods are being used to hide the files, though everything works rather well and the price can't be beat.



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