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Casey's Image Feedback by Jess

Page history last edited by JessicaPritchett 4 years, 8 months ago

What is the story in this image object?

The story seems to be more of an awareness for HIV/AIDS then it does anything else 


In what ways does the medium enhance the text? In what ways does it limit it?

I think the medium is very limited. One character with the word bubbles being the only change. 


Is there a clear connection to the text object? What suggestions do you have?

There is no real connection to the text object.  This is more an awareness type of thing you would see on TV instead of flowing from the text object/being a repeat of the text object.


What is the most interesting aspect of the image object? What suggestions do you have?

The ostrich was the most interesting part of the whole thing. Using more than one character. 


To what extent does this image object successfully make use of symbols, color, composition, lighting, and juxtaposition?

It is a vertical row of the same image on repeat, not very good use of any of these^^.


What would you add?

I would add more characters, try to make it connect a lot more to the original text object.  Think more comic book less rows going down. 

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