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Carolyn's peer review for Hannah

Page history last edited by Carolyn Le 4 years, 9 months ago

In what ways does the medium enhance the text? In what ways does it limit it?

The medium helps show the point of view of the characters. However, since it is in twitter format it was slightly a bit difficult to follow the direct messages. Maybe if there was a way to slightly space out the direct messages and tweets it would flow more easily. 

What does this text object convey to you?


Which areas, if any, are unclear? Why?

I see that that the characters are based off a novel or movie, but I'm not familiar with the original story, so it was difficult for me to follow and understand. If only there was a way for the reader to understand the characters more.

How does this text object convey narrativity?


In which areas does the text object successfully use the signifiers of language? What ideas do you have for improvement?


What is the most interesting aspect of the text object? What suggestions do you have for revision?

I like the layout of the tweets.

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