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Daniel's Feedback for Hunter Text

Page history last edited by Daniel Ramos 4 years, 9 months ago

In what ways does the medium enhance the text? In what ways does it limit it?


The medium allow for maximum focus on the actual narrative here. It lets the text literally stand on its own, with no distraction. 

It limits the text in the sense that its stripped down and adds no supplement or compliments. No auditory or visual queues, sometimes make it feel like a story rather than a blog entry. 


What does this text object convey to you?


The text conveys a strong political message, one from a point of view very distrusting of the federal government. Its aggressive and extremely to the point. The use of its angry tone help drive forward the message and its reader. 


Which areas, if any, are unclear? Why?


The only area I found issue with was the mention of a character "Vita". As the reader is placed into this story with no context or backstory to who she is it is a little disorienting. Other than that the message is surprisingly versatile, any one could have written this. 


How does this text object convey narrativity?


It odes a great job by switching perspective and going into conversation. When it goes into the actual conversation with the president, it helps drive what was an opinion, into a real life situation. 


In which areas does the text object successfully use the signifiers of language? What ideas do you have for improvement?


The use of curse words, and obscene language, helps signify a lot about how the author feels about what he writes. It helps convey their urgency and anger. Maybe adding some context as to who "Vita" is would help us signify the relationship between her and the author.  


What is the most interesting aspect of the text object? What suggestions do you have for revision?


Intersting is the text itself, which is quite amazing. The framing however could use a little more supplement. Maybe change the layout of the entry, add images or maybe even a link that would help make it seem a bit more grounded in the "Blogosphere". Over all great job. 

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